Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Destashing in Progress

I am in the process of destashing so as to make room for more stuff. =p
I have been hard at work and have set a target: for every 3 balls of yarn I use up, I am allowed to buy 1 new ball.  I am not sure if I will consider the weight of the balls for now, since I have my eye on some gorgeous silk yarn from Japan. 

To date, since my destashing goals have been made, I have used up 6 balls of Bella for 2 sets of baby stuff. I am in the process of completing another staggered blocks bag. That pattern should use up another 4 to 6 balls of yarn. 

I am determined to finish up the baby stuff by sewing in the ends this week. I hate the sewing. Silly me decided to trim a set with a different coloured yarn to as to see something 'different' in the baby set. For each row of trim, I created another 2 ends to sew. arghhhh..... sewing is a painful task I rather not have to do. Any angels out there who LOVE to do sewing? 

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