Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Finally finished stamping and embossing my marbled bookmarks

The last week has just been so hectic at work. I am still trying to meet deadlines but managed to find a little time each day to finish the cutting, stamping and embossing the stamped sentiment. I am so pleased with the end result. I ended up using the leftover strip of paper from my marbled papers for another 100 bookmarks. I managed to laminate the long strips of paper mounted on stiff cardstock today. Will post the photo tomorrow.

I tried to get photos of the stamped marbled papers but the lighting wasn't bright enough for a good shot. The second photo shows most of the stamped pieces spread out on the big round table I was working on. I still had a stack left after covering the table for the shot. =)

I sprayed the papers after they dried from the marbling process with homemade glimmer sprays. I used a mixture of gum arabic, rubbing alcohol and water to make the base of the spray. For the metallic element of the spray, I used a variety of pigments - mica and loose eyeshadows. The mica particles are larger and show up better compared to the loose metallic eyeshadows. I still need to play around with the proportion of gum arabic to the alcohol and water mixture. Some of the glittery particles still rub off when I handled the papers. 

This photo shows how the marbled paper looks like it was done using the glimmer papers. What a cool effect. I will definitely be experimenting more with coloured mica pigments. So far, I have mainly experimented with the metallic ones - silver, gold and copper.

Here's a close up of the paper with the glimmer and heat embossed details. I started the assembly of the bookmarks today. Ran out of adhesives and had to go to the shop for more in the evening. I shall have to finish the assembly by tomorrow though, as I intend to have them ready the day after. I still have to punch holes, set eyelets and tie yarn or ribbon through the bookmarks. 

I have also completed a set of cards with very cute bear images that I coloured a few weeks ago. Will post the photos once I decide on the sentiment to go with the cards.


  1. I take my hat off to you - you have been very busy. They are turning out lovely.

  2. thanks for visiting my blog. glad you like the bookmarks.