Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bookmark with Marbled paper

I have finally decided (somewhat =p) that my bookmark will have one side decorated with marbled papers and a stamped quotation. I have yet to decide what the other side will look like though. I was considering stamping a bear or a cute hedgehog from penny black on the back and colour the image. If I do that, there will be about 200 images to colour. That would take up quite some time, which I sorely lack. I am a little behind time on my work schedule and hopefully I can finish making all the marbled papers I need. I figured I will need about 70 sheets of the papers to cut into 200 bookmarks.

The size of the bookmark is bugging me somewhat. I would like it to be a quarter of an inch slimmer but that would mean stamping very close to the edge of the paper. I hate fiddling with the stamp positioner for 200 pieces of stamping, so it might be a hit and miss for some sheets unless I come up with some bright ideas on how to stamp right where I want with a very narrow margin. Anyone with suggestions?

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