Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Marbling Papers

I did marbling yesterday - lots of it!! I have a new stack of marbling papers and have just decided what to do with them. I plan to make bookmarks for all my students along with a crochet phone charm for their graduation gift this year. I will post pictures of that once I have a sample of it done. I have about a week or two to get that done. I will need a total of about 150 pieces made. It will probably have to be a simple design since I am still swamped with work.

I took a few photos of the marbling papers I made and decided to share them here. I am more or less a newbie at this, with no prior instruction. I am not in the area where there are marbling artists teaching classes so I have fumbled around for instructions online and found some sites that are helpful. I love the look of each marbled piece, how they are all unique. 

The papers look rather wrinkled as they warp slightly when they dry and I have yet to have time to iron them flat before cutting them down to size for my projects.

The next two are part of my attempts to do floral designs. I still suck at it pretty much. The flowers look distorted and the leaves and stem look like plants that will only grow on another planet. I am thinking that the marbling base may not be thick enough for the manipulation. Will be trying a thicker formula next time. =)

The last 3 pictures show paper coasters that I marbled. I like the look of the paints on the coasters. They warped slightly during the drying process. Guess I will have to flatten them out under heavy books. I am thinking of making more of them for sale at a craft bazaar. Do you think they will sell?

I am hoping to complete the sample design by tomorrow before I mass produce all 150 pieces of the bookmark. I have a feeling I won't be sleeping much this weekend.

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