Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Tombow Markers and an old postcard

I finally finished the crochet penholder I wanted to make to hold my new Tombow markers. It is a little loose right now, as I am still short of about 30 markers from the complete set of 144 markers. Hopefully, the shop that is carrying them will replenish their stock soon. Here's a picture of it.

I used double strands of an acrylic yarn for the holder so it is thick and pretty sturdy. I have tried the markers on different types of watercolour paper and found that it is rather strange that it tends to blend beautifully on some papers but not well at all on some. Generally, I have found that it blends better on thinner watercolour paper. When I tried it on 300 gsm paper (approx 140lbs), I could not get it to blend at all. Will be doing some more tests to figure out which ones work best with these markers. 

As for the old postcard, I found one I completed a few months ago. I like the image very much. Think I will change the colour of the cat the next time I colour the same image though. It looks too close to the colour of the pot it is standing on in my opinion. 

The image is coloured using Swiss Colours watercolour pencils. They blend pretty well. I will be breaking out my new Derwent pencils soon, as soon as I complete the colour chart for it. I love the intensity of the Derwent pencils. My Swiss Colours will be somewhat retired once I use my new pencils I think. They will probably be used for my workshops.

Speaking of which, I have a confirmed class this Sat at 1:30pm. There are still vacancies, so if anyone in Singapore is keen, you can just drop me a comment with your email contact and I will provide you with more details. 

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